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Students raced one another to see how quickly they could get down to the nitty-gritty of the word problems. We also discussed how this was where we were going to figure out what operation to use. (I actually went ahead and solved it here – which is the next step, too.) We talked specifically about thinking strategies.I taught the students Sheila Melton’s operation concept map. ” Yes, he wants to make a cupcake for EACH of his classmates. Just like in reading, there are thinking strategies in math.I wanted students to understand that when they see a story problem, it isn’t scary.

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The problem should captivate students' attention, be meaningful, and allow a wide range of individual responses." For example, here is one way to present a problem to a class. " Have the students use journals and the chalkboard to record their ideas.

Then collectively discuss the ideas and write down a summary of the "best thinking so far" on the subject of heat.

Having a process for solving problems helps to keep efforts focused and eliminate becoming stalled.

by Paul Moss To remedy the situation, and grow fruitful and happy students within the confines of the syllabus you are bound to, start to fix the problem yourself by creating an atmosphere of problem-solving in your classes. Ask 3B4ME Instead of answering an unnecessary question, urge students to take back their power by taking another moment to think about the problem, then to check their books and other resources around them for the solution, before asking their table for help, before asking the teacher.

One of the things that employers often identify as being an important quality when hiring college graduates is their problem-solving skills.

Students need to develop the ability to apply problem-solving skills when faced with issues or problems that are new to them.

Every year they moan and groan that they know them. In the past, I had used worksheet pages that would introduce one and provide the students with plenty of problems practicing that one strategy.

I did like that because students could focus more on practicing the strategy itself, but I also wanted students to know when to use it, too, so I made sure they had both to practice.

Every year my students can be fantastic at math…until they start to see math with words.

For some reason, once math gets translated into reading, even my best readers start to panic.


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