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Some states, including Florida, allow the homeschooled to participate in high school sports and other extracurricular activities, but many states do not.Homeschooling supporters otherwise use local and national sports associations for team sports, or they create their own teams.(6) Does homeschooling have a future in America?

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Reasons for this rapid growth vary, but they generally center on perceived deficiencies in traditional education, such as a claimed lack of emphasis on teaching moral and ethical behavior, the threat of peer violence in schools, and ineffectiveness in dealing with learning-disabled and gifted children.(4) In the US, educating children at home has always been a legal option for parents though, with the establishment of formal education, the right to homeschool was rarely exercised until the late 20th century.Bu nedenle, Compare & Contrast esay için hazırladığımız aşağıda kaynaktaki bilgileri iyi öğrenip, verdiğimiz örnek İTÜ Prof essay konularından mutlaka pratik yapın. Sorularınızı aşağıdaki yorum bölümüne yazabilirsiniz. However, studies have consistently shown that homeschooling is successful both by social and standard academic measures.Some studies have suggested that, in comparison with publicly and privately schooled students, homeschooled individuals typically score above average on high-school achievement tests.Although legal action has been taken against homeschooling households, it has been prompted by issues such as absenteeism and educational neglect, not by the act of homeschooling itself.As homeschooling grew, so did the monitoring of homeschoolers and by the early 21st century, 40 states had adopted homeschooling regulations, which vary by state.Those with computers can access a wide variety of educational software as well as the resources provided by the Internet.Also, some communities and schools allow homeschoolers to use their school libraries, classrooms, and computers.Sizin okulunuza göre zorluğu değişebilen bir kısımdır.Sadece proficiency ornekleri ile sınava hazırlanmanızı tavsiye etmiyoruz.(1) Homeschooling is an educational method that is situated in the home rather than in an institution designed for educational purposes.


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