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8) Does the author use transition words at the beginning of each paragraph? 7) In your opinion, which solution or combination of solutions best serves the goals outlined by the author? If teaching a writing class, you may want to also focus on elements of style.

One of the good things about problem solution essays is that they have a pretty clear structure.

You need to present the problem, identify the reasons why it is important, describe your solution and explain why it is the best one.

Generational poverty – better access to education 16.

Rising healthcare costs – increased government funding 17.

One of the most challenging thing for students is finding a topic.

Here is a solution to this problem: 100 problem solution essay topics in various fields. Bad credit – personal finance management education 3. Impoverished regions – government financing for small businesses 5. Police brutality – advanced monitoring technology 7.Personal budget management – expenditure planning 98. from Northern Illinois University's English Department. Author:_______________ Reviewer:_______________ Read the essay once through, then read a second time before beginning to answer the following questions: 1) What is the major problem or issue the writer addresses? Rising costs – having employees working from home 32. Reducing energy consumption in homes – smart thermostat 48. Oil spills in the ocean – stricter environmental legislation 50.Domestic violence – psychological therapy for the whole family 33. Falling out with a friend – having a long conversation about your friendship 37. Teen marriages – encouraging young people to go to college 39. Deforestation – replacing paper books with electronic ones 51. How to reduce the rate of depletion of natural resources – recycling 53.How to increase adoption rates – making it easier for singles and gay couples to adopt 20. Difficulties with raising problem awareness – using the social media 22.Overpopulation in developing countries – one-child policy 23.The use of steroids in sports – mode advanced and more frequent testing 94. Maintaining work-life balance – not working after hours 96.Loud neighbors – speaking to them about the problem 97. If the author does not mention possible limitations, suggest at least one limitation of each solution. Rewrite one or two sentences replacing be verbs with action verbs. Do the transitions make logical connections between ideas or items? How many be verbs does the author use in this paragraph?


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