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" [2] The final and most acceptable theory is that "prostitution is a function of your patriarchal and male-dominated society."[2] This prospect is presented by anthropologists who think that patriarchy is a larger form of cultural composition, and also modern feminists.

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The issue of its starting has almost as many responses as it has historians tackling the subject.

There are various theories about prostitution that fall under basic groups.

The average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years.

Prostitution research papers have indicated that mpost of the younger girls involved in prostitution were coerced into working within the sex industry.

The socialist view inspired by Karl Marx is the fact that prostitution is "an inevitable consequence of capitalism.

" [1] A widely placed view by anthropologists is the fact "prostitution is a holdover from early on matriarchal societies where it was utilized without the negative public stigma that is attached to it today.

It has also been found that a disproportionate number of prostitutes arrested and sentenced are women of color, even though a minority of prostitutes are women of color.

Most prostitutes who are arrested are those that work on the streets even though only 20% of all prostitutes engage in street work.

Legalizing prostitution is further allowing the irresponsible behavior of casual sex that would still lead to sexually transmitted infections.

It would not be worth the monetary gain for a government to legalize and attempt to regulate such an “occupation” as this.


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