Protagonist And Antagonist Essay

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This grudge – is responsible for many major events, such as the capture and “imprisonment” of Cathy and Nelly, and Heathcliff’s decision to force the marriage between Cathy and Linton.

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Other characters can’t be the protagonists since they have so little involvement in the main story.

The only two main characters can be Heathcliff and Catherine.

His whole life prior to Catherine’s death, he spent thinking of her.

Their love was more than the love of any other couple – it was on a spiritual plane. After her death, Heathcliff was still obsessed with her.

That first impression would be true if the character was taken, placed alone, and analyzed.

Insane” would be the result, unless the character is analyzed properly – against the backdrop of his past, his surroundings, and his loved ones.

That’s why I firmly stand on the belief that Heathcliff is a protagonist in this novel.

When that person is a cliché, a caricature, or evil incarnate—in short, when the antagonist isn’t three-dimensionally (even if he’s a robot or she’s werewolf)—the reading experience is less satisfying (and your chances of hitting the NYT list are equally unsatisfying).

From the aforementioned information, it becomes obvious that Heathcliff is a protagonist.

He may not be the protagonists that many other books depict – not the kind of person who saves the world and manages to fight off the antagonists at the same time. He shows us how deep emotions can go, and how far people will go with those emotions.


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