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If you've had your leg, or part of your leg amputated you are most commonly an AKA (above the knee/trans-femoral amputation) or a BKA (below the knee/trans tibial amputation) both legs require a few different methods and less or more steps to make.

If you've had your leg, or part of your leg amputated you are most commonly an AKA (above the knee/trans-femoral amputation) or a BKA (below the knee/trans tibial amputation) both legs require a few different methods and less or more steps to make.

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While standard prostheses help patients regain much of the freedom and functionality they have lost, they come at a financial and psychological cost.

Traditional prostheses can be prohibitively expensive due to their complexity and the specialized labor required to customize them for each patient.

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Custom running prostheses with Flex Run Flex Feet allow Sal to run like the Wind!

Adorable 3 year old Congenital Below the Elbow Amputee Within minutes of being fit with her new Otto Bock myo-electric prosthetic arm, she was able to open and close her hand for the very first time. The Otto Bock X3 Waterproof Prosthetic is NOW available at Prosthetics in Motion, NYC!

Titanium dust particles are fused together using laser sintering.

Printed as a single 3D exoskeleton it is immediately ready for assembly.


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