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Dialogue that is tagged with action is shown in bold below. As shown above, the “combination tag” begins with a said tag, followed by a comma, and a gerund phrase.

In many ways it is the easiest kind of writing because it comes so naturally to most people.

Practically everyone enjoys telling and hearing stories.

The idea of description is to make the thing described seem real to your reader’s imagination.

Not much writing is purely descriptive; writers typically weave description into longer narrative works.

Some essentially descriptive writing, however, might include certain forms of advertising, character sketches, and photograph captions.

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Exposition (expository writing): Exposition is writing that explains or informs.Persuasive writing is in many ways the most difficult to do well because it requires knowledge of the subject, strong convictions, logical thinking, and technical skill.Some examples of persuasive writing include literary essays, editorials, advertisements, and book, music or movie reviews.Try to avoid dialogue tags “on steroids,” or dialogue tags that call attention to themselves and become distracting. In addition to these steroid dialogue tags being tedious and exhausting, many of them are not necessary.The reader knows that Frederick is asking a question, and he knows that Logan is answering.Furthermore, sometimes the reader might have a clear understanding of which character is speaking when there is no dialogue tag at all. The goal with dialogue tags is that they should be somewhat invisible, that is, that they do not call attention to themselves, leaving the reader fully immersed in the scene.Some writers may worry about using the word “said” in too many “said tags.” However, the idea is that the word “said” is hardly noticed, so that the reader sees the name of the character speaking and moves on, staying in the scene.Even if they eventually specialize in a particular type of writing, there is great benefit in learning to write broadly.Below is an overview of the basic purposes for writing.One key to successful writing, however, is the ability to write in multiple forms and for a variety of purposes.At , we believe it’s important to expose developing writers to a wide spectrum of writing modes or purposes.


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