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People, who practice Islam are called Muslims or Mohammedans.

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Indonesia’s population is almost entirely adheres to Islam. The origin of it is clearer than the origins of Christianity and Buddhism, for it almost from the beginning is illuminated by written sources. According to Muslim tradition, the founder of Islam, Muhammad was a prophet of God, an Arab who lived in Mecca, he allegedly received from God a series of “revelations”, written in the holy book the Quran, and gave them to the people.

The Quran is the main holy book of Muslims, as the Five Books of Moses to the Jews, and the Gospel for Christians.

A research paper on the Quran and the Bible points out that the major difference between Islam and Christianity lies in their religious texts.

There are many ways you can formulate a research paper that discusses the Quran and/or the Bible.

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We guarantee you 100% authenticity of your paper and assure you of dead on time delivery.The Quran shows absolutely no traces of such literary editorial and finishing, as it is in the Christian Gospel: it is quite raw, unprocessed texts.It may useful for those who write their research proposals on Islam religion, to use free example research papers on different topics. , literally means submission, obedience) is one of the few world (along with Christianity and Buddhism) religions, which profess faith in one God.Followers of Islam are currently living throughout global society, on all continents and in most local communities of the world.Muhammad himself did not write anything: he was probably illiterate.After him, there were scattered records of his sayings and teachings, made at different times.Instead of writing it down immediately, Muhammad passed its teachings orally.In the later stages of his life, the is not a holy text in the Islamic religion because they believe that the word of God has been altered through translation and could lead worshippers astray. Arabic term meaning, ‘recitation’ or ‘scripture’): Muslims believe that the Holy Qur’an contains divine revelations to Prophet Muhammed received in Mecca and Medina over a period of 23 years in the early 7th century CE.It consists of 114 suras (chapters) of varying lengths, each of which is divided into a number of ayat (verses).


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