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[tags: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault] - College Rape Incidents There are many women that are raped, but “numbers don’t begin to tell the whole story” (“Rape and Sexual Assault”).

Universities can do more to help prevent rape on their campus.

Marital rape, though a scar on the face of civilised society, has not been criminalised in India whereas US and other civil western countries have recognised at as an offence and the judiciary played an active role in providing relief to the women raped by their husband.

Though, the Indian law recognises domestic violence against women as an offence but it is mainly confined to physical harm or torture rather than the sexual abuse of wife.

The fourth is Marital Rape, forcible sex between two people who are legally married.

The Final is Gang Rape, which is when a group of men attack a defenseless or inebriated victim and force sexual intercourse against her will.

If you imagine a stranger jumping out of the bushes on a dark night and attacking someone, you are only partly right because most rapes are not committed by strangers, but by men who know their victims, who often have gone out with them previously and are supposedly their friends.

This phenomenon is called "acquaintance" or "date" rape.

Their lives will change forever after going through an intense situation such as being molested, beaten, or anything along those lines.

It has caused people to commit the same crime, become severely depressed and suicidal, as well as many other unfortunate events....


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