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Find out, once and for all, whether RAW papers really do live up to the hype. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company offers a range of RYO goods, including the RAW line.

HBI International has a lot of clout in the cannabis market with additional product lines that include Herbal Bar, Juicy Jays, and Rolling Supreme.

This brand has made a name for itself in the smoking industry and it’s almost impossible to smoke without hearing about them while shopping for papers or smoking with your friends.

If you want to learn more about what RAW is and what products they offer, continue reading the article provided below.

RAW Brand has an immense following and is backed by big-name celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa.

With such a backing, you can trust that it follows through on the guarantees that it makes about its products and the overall quality of RAW papers.

These pre-rolled cone papers give users the ability to load their herbs into the product without having to worry about doing the rolling all by themselves.

In addition, the Wiz Khalifa cones feature his brand and generally come in much larger sizes to honor the rapper’s smoking abilities.

However, bleaching chemicals such as chlorine or calcium carbonate are harmful to your health when they are burned along with your joint paper.

These products are natural and do not contain any harmful bleaching additives.


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