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It’s entitled by Clive Handler, Charlotte Handler and Deborah Gill (CRC Press).I took some great things from this, to share with you.

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But the literature also indicates that a single feedback loop (a student writing his or her thoughts down on paper—which is to say, conversing with him- or herself only) is not sufficient and that there is much to be gained through feedback from two additional sources—mentors and peers [2].

I was intrigued by the idea of creating a fourth feedback loop that aims to build a moral community to support individuals engaged in reflective practice.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been one to meditate, or think about the moment, or think about nothing, or “relax”. John Smythe’s 6 week course on mindfulness and just to show you how good he and the course are, by week 6, I found I actually could be mindful, focus on an object and poof! I highly recommend it, and I try very hard to put his precepts into practice! I like Kolb’s model of experiential learning—it speaks to me as a call to action.

He advises, in essence, to act, reflect on the action, take it to other reference points and then make an action plan.

Hope Babette Tang-Goodwin, MD was an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, whose devotion and generosity to the care of the children and infants with HIV infection in New York City was an inspiration to her colleagues and her students.

Her approach to medicine combined a boundless enthusiasm for her work, intellectual rigor and deep compassion for her patients.

I find total exhaustion quite conducive to reflection. After awhile, my brain starts to work again, and after solving basic issues like food and water (shades of Mazlow), I can even start to get creative. Let’s get 6.” And then, furtively, because UG at Queen’s is never far from my thoughts, I can even start to reflect on things at UG, and plan to make things even better.

I think about what’s gone wrong, or what needs to be better and I plan. Now this urge to action based on reflection is my favourite perspective on reflection.

They are reflections and pieces of reflections, morphed into this article, which is something I strongly advice with reflection. An action or a blog article, for example, is something that can be crafted from reflections into a public piece of writing.

One thing that really spoke to me was the list of areas and experiences that can generate good critical reflection especially for learners in medical education.


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