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Upon discovering that Magwitch is his secret benefactor, Pip feels far from ecstatic.For many years, he tried desperately to forget the disgraceful acts he committed as a youth by aiding the convict in the marshes, and his conscience almost seems clear when Magwitch once again makes an unexpected appearance in Pip's life. When I was hired-out shepherd in a solitary hut, not seeing no faces but faces of sheep till I half forgot wot men's and women's faces was like, I see yourn. You shall show money with lords for wagers, and beat 'em!One of the great ironies of this novel is that Pip's financial and social rise, which results from his having "expectations," is accompanied by an emotional and moral decline or deterioration.

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Jaggers also has and will have much influence on the lives of Pip and Estella.

The relationship between Pip and Estella is not getting much better and there is not much hope in it, the main reason being that Estella still treats Pip the same as when he was just a common boy. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567745871"This show's how there is not much hope in their relationship, because Estella will never have love for Pip.

However, most of Pip's frustration stems from the ruination of his relationship with Joe caused by this newfound prosperity.

But, sharpest and deepest pain of all — it was for the convict, guilty of I knew not what crimes and liable to be taken of those rooms where I sat thinking, and hanged at the Old Bailey door, that I had deserted Joe.

[290] Throughout the most impressionable years of his childhood, Pip looked up to Joe as a fatherly figure.

In direct contrast to the relationship between Pip and his sister, Pip and Joe were the best of friends and confidants. Was it common for adolescents of this time period to be taken under the wing of a secret benefactor?

Learning the identity of his benefactor leaves Pip disappointed for a number reasons.

For one, if Magwitch is, indeed, his benefactor, then what shall become of his relationship with Estella?

Pip admired Joe, despite the fact that he was certainly not a gentleman, for his honest work and kind heart. What are the most credible sources that could be used to find an answer for this question? As he has done throughout the novel, Dickens continues to alter the language of Magwitch in this scene, creating a more colloquial tone for his character.

At this point in the novel, Pip comes to the realization that he has abandoned and erased poor Joe from his life in order to achieve his own selfish dreams of a life of luxury among the upper class. Why is this particularly significant at this point in the novel?


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