Research On Newspaper Readership

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Tyner [8] avers that newspapers will never be fizzled out because of five fundamental reasons which are: newspaper is still great for local community news; they are embracing more platforms, they are mining online demographic data to their advantage the newspaper industry is gradually figuring out pay walls, print will be seen as a valued extra.

Newspapers have made significant modifications that require a new direction in the study of newspaper readership pattern.

This is primarily because of the importance of information to the survival of any society.

Bankole [4] corroborates that information is an important element in every sector of life, be it social, economic, political, educational, industrial and technical development.

Based on the outcome of this study, the researcher recommends, among others, that policymakers should consider the newspaper readership patterns of readers in a bid to communicate essential policies to them.

Gender; Differentials; Online; Print; Newspaper; Readership; Pattern Gender is one of the social constructs that has attracted the attention of researchers from different disciplines.

In the past, studies on newspaper readership pattern were more concerned with the frequency of readership, time of readers, media genres most read.

But in contemporary newspapering, newspapers have online presence where both audio and visual contents are shared. Alejandro [9] corroborates that new-media technology has a significant influence because of its impact on established journalism.

The way male and female behavior has been found to differ. [3] conducted a study to determine gender differences in workplace deviant behavior of university teachers and modification techniques and reported that there is gender differences in the abnormal behavior of both male and female as male teaching staff of University of Sargodha were found to be more deviant at workplace as compared to female teaching staff.

One of one critical decision that both male and female will have to make is the information consumption pattern.


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