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Abortion is considered as one of the most controversial, difficult, and painful subjects in the contemporary society.The main controversy revolves around the issues of who executes the decision related to abortion, the state or the individual; under which conditions it could be done; and who is authorized of making the decision.Abortion is not a new issue in human society; studies showed that more than three hundred contemporary nonindustrial societies practiced abortion.

The level to do so varies within and among nations.

(Comm 110) Abortion creates mix feelings in societies highlighting basic differences as well as conflicting point-of-view compared with most of the public or social health complications.

The choice for research methodology is derived from hypothesis about the gravity of abortion and the manner in which its impact could be managed is assessed.

From theoretical concept to the practical scenario, the study of abortion issue, its positive and negative impacts along with follow up of different views are specifically challenging tasks.

The reproductive costs and consequences of sexual intercourse are often far more serious and more lasting for women compared with men.

The physical expression related to sexuality is universal and fundamental.(Wicklund, 201) At the most fundamental level, unplanned pregnancy results from a failure of the complicated and balancing act engaged in by most females (and male) to reconcile two different aspects of their lives; the wish and the sexual intercourse or reluctance to have children.Contraceptive usage could mediate the tension between the two; however contraception is not always available and as such entire methods may fail.Abortions continue to take place today in developing areas under supervision of medical experts and medically primitive conditions.Modern technology as well as social change, however, has made abortion a part of modern healthcare system.What differs is how religious, cultures, and societies influence and construe both the setting in which sexual intercourse between women and men takes place and the nature of relationships in which pregnancy is discouraged or encouraged.Most religious and societies approve of sexual intercourse and eventually childbearing only in the spectrum of marriage and seem to discourage people from possessing sexual partners outside marriage.It is a grave concern sensitive to distinctive interpretations with disruptive public policy apprehensions.The fundamental concept that a woman may chose with her consent for abortion is a disturbing idea to a huge segment of society.Contributing in and observing behavior of women involved in abortion would thus challenge the researcher with events that highly are compound, continuously altering and are subject to constant re-evaluation in due course.The analysis of different preventive strategies to show what is being done to confront the problem and opinions of groups on both sides- favoring or opposing- assumes that issue should be properly understood and only then a conclusive argument should be formed backed by extensive research.


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