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This flood of dopamine is what causes a “high.” It’s one of the main causes of drug addiction.

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Drugs are chemicals that affect the body and brain. Some effects of drugs include health consequences that are long-lasting and permanent.

They can even continue after a person has stopped taking the substance.

This can actually change how the brain performs and interfere with a person’s ability to make choices.

It can lead to intense cravings and compulsive drug use.

They can vary depending on the type of drug, how much and how often it’s taken and the person’s general health.

Overall, the effects of drug abuse and dependence can be far-reaching.Abstinence from alcohol for months or years can help partially repair thinking abilities, like memory skills.These effects of drug abuse have serious consequences, like missed work, punishable offenses, accidents and injuries.Drugs may contain impurities that can be harmful to an unborn baby.Pregnant women who use drugs may be more likely to harm the fetus with risky behaviors and poor nutrition.In pregnant women, alcohol exposure can impact the brains of unborn babies, resulting in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.It is reported that alcohol-induced brain problems can often be corrected with proper treatment.These can influence mood, behavior and other cognitive function.Brain damage may also occur through alcohol-induced nutrition deficiencies, alcohol-induced seizures and liver disease.People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction also have a higher risk of unintentional injuries, accidents and domestic violence incidents.The good news is: Substance use disorders are treatable.


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