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More and more, the leaders of business functions are turning for competitive insights to the massive data they can now capture.But to date, human resources departments have lagged behind the efforts of marketing, IT, CRM and other functions.

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Financial firms make expensive bets on top talent, but often make hiring decisions without enough deliberation.

Risk management, strategy for growth, and competing in emerging markets are especially critical for financial firms to get right.

A recent study by Claire Célérier and Boris Vallée finds that the French finance industry compensates employees largely according to how talented they are. After several decades of experimentation, "The Handbook for Teaching Leadership," Scott A.

Snook, Rakesh Khurana, and Nitin Nohria, is intended to be a foundational reference for educators facing this increasingly important challenge.

Open for comment; Can employers motivate employees to work more creatively, ethically, or productively?

Or does that power reside solely within the individual?A model is presented to suggest how executives can get started by focusing on five key areas. Download as . Leading companies are using six analytical tools to improve the connection between HR investments and business returns: employee databases; segmentation of talent; targeted investments; customization of the employee value proposition; long‐term workforce planning; and talent supply chains. Open for comment; Running a financial organization, never easy to begin with, has quickly become one of the most difficult leadership challenges that an executive can undertake, requiring mastery of talent management, change management, and ethics.An interview with Professor Boris Groysberg, who teaches a new HBS Executive Education program on the subject with Professor Paul M. Key concepts include: Leading a financial firm is very different from leading any other kind of institution, requiring deep skills in a multitude of areas.Recent research at Harvard Business School suggests workers can be motivated by their environment.Closed for comment; Micromanagers beware: Research of casino hosts by Harvard Business School's Dennis Campbell and Francisco de Asís Martinez-Jerez and Rice's Marc Epstein makes the case that hands-off management can work to improve employee learning and decision making.This paper describes the markets, evaluates their rise and global span, and reviews academic studies of how they function.It includes cases to suggest the range of ways in which digital capabilities extend access to talent over long distances.This review provides an in-depth analysis of available data and introduces several newly available data sources that are open to researchers.The patterns of high-skilled migration are quite consistent with agglomeration economies, such as the broad flows from a large number of source countries to very few destination countries.


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