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Research Paper Survey Methodologies-87
Researchers can easily identify whether their respondents are uncomfortable with the asked questions and can be extremely productive in case there are sensitive topics involved in the discussion.This online data collection method demands more cost-investment than in comparison to the other methods.For example, if hikers are asked about a certain hike – the conditions of the hiking trail, ease of hike, weather conditions, trekking conditions, etc.

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The results are collected in real-time for researchers to analyze and decide corrective measures.

Gaining information from respondents via face-to-face mediums is much more effective than the other mediums because respondents usually tend to trust the surveyors and provide honest and clear feedback about the subject in-hand.

Each of the 3 stages of postal contact significantly contributed to response for both treatments with 87.1% of the web-push responses received over the Internet.

The per-respondent cost of the paper-only treatment was almost 40% higher than the web-push treatment group.

are an observational research method that analyzes data of variables collected at one given point of time across a sample population. The survey data from this method helps the researcher understand what the respondent is feeling at a certain point in time.

It helps measure opinions in a particular situation. The cross-sectional survey, for example, can help understand that males between 21-28 rent action movies and females between 35-45 rent romantic comedies.are the most cost-effective and can reach the maximum number of people in comparison to the other mediums.The performance of these surveys is much more widespread than the other data collection methods.The main drawback of conducting telephone surveys is that establishing a friendly equation with the respondent becomes challenging due to the bridge of the medium.Respondents are also highly likely to choose to remain anonymous in their feedback over the phone as the reliability associated with the researcher can be questioned.Factors of collecting survey data such as how the interviewer will contact the respondent (online or offline), how the information is communicated to the respondents etc. for each of these data collection methods will be different as their reach and impact is always different.Different methods are chosen according to specific target population characteristics as well as intent to examine human nature under various situations.In situations where there is more than one question to be asked to the target sample, certain researchers prefer conducting online surveys over the traditional face-to-face or telephone surveys.Online surveys are effective and therefore require computational logic and branching technologies for exponentially more accurate survey data collection, vs any other traditional means of surveying.Analyses revealed no meaningfully significant differences between treatment groups in representation.These results provide evidence that a web-push methodology is more effective and less expensive than a paper-only approach among young military spouses, perhaps due to their heavy reliance on the internet, and we suggest that this approach may be more effective with the general population as they become more uniformly internet savvy.


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