Research Papers On Leadership Styles Of Women Clergy

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Many clergy believe that women clergy are more caring than men about the individual lives of members of the congregation, more pastorally sensitive, more nurturing and more likely to draw on personal experiences in preaching, teaching and counseling.Everyone also agrees that clergywomen are less interested than clergymen in congregational politics, power over others and job prestige.

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These three studies use somewhat different indicators to measure clergy perceptions of how they lead, but all three arrive at similar findings.

I n considering the question of gendered leadership styles within professions, it is good to keep in mind that different kinds of occupations attract different personalities, and that gatekeepers for occupations tend to select persons with particular styles and values.

They tend to use more of a partnership-based than hierarchical leadership-style.

(United Church of Christ clergywoman) Clergywomen have a different focus and style.

The women we talked with were considerably more likely than their male counterparts to volunteer their perception that clergywomen's leadership style is different from that typically used by clergymen.

Furthermore, all of our denominational clusters show fairly high agreement about the nature of this difference in leadership style: Although everyone approaches ministry differently, clergywomen are more relational than clergymen, making decisions more cooperatively instead of using a hierarchical or authoritarian approach.

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Another study, by Mary Clair Klein, which looked at United Church of Christ clergy leadership styles as self-reported, also found that while "there are differences in leadership style among pastors, gender is not the determining factor." Our results concur with Lehman and Klein and are supported by Ruth Wallace's study of women pastors in priestless Roman Catholic parishes.

All pastoral leaders in the 1990s tend to have more of an inclusive, democratic leadership style than a directive, autocratic style.


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