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Brave New World is a fascinating novel set in a dystopian future where technology, industry, medicine, and government control the free will of British citizens.In this lesson, we'll walk through the process of writing a research proposal.Some keywords for our example topic would be Shakespeare, allusion, Tempest, Miranda, utopia, Huxley, and Brave New World.

This thesis contains a few assumptions about the novel that'll need to be supported by sources.

By stating that the novel portrays a dystopian society, your thesis makes a claim, or statement of truth, that Huxley's future world has a dark underbelly.

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Try it risk-free Let's say you're taking a course in English literature and your teacher has assigned a research paper on an author from the syllabus.

We'll learn how to move from the initial topic to a thesis statement, and then from a thesis to an argument.

We'll also look at how to put together a bibliography of possible sources.For example, if you settle on writing about the allusions to Shakespeare in Huxley's Brave New World, a possible thesis might sound something like this: 'In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley draws on Shakespeare's The Tempest to found his future in a reputable past while also alluding to the play ironically to critique his dystopian society.' Huxley's title, borrowed from one of Miranda's lines in The Tempest, indicates the ironic discrepancy between an outsider's utopian hopes and the reality of a depraved society.The first paragraph of your proposal should introduce your topic and thesis and the second paragraph will flesh out how you plan to go about arguing the point.This is done by speculating on some possible ways to answer your question.Your thesis connects Brave New World with The Tempest, arguing that Huxley intentionally draws on Shakespeare.Or perhaps you gravitate towards the story of Brave New World and want to investigate its social connections further.Perhaps you want to learn about allusions to Shakespeare and the works it later inspired, like Orwell and other works of dystopian literature. The thesis statement restates your research question by incorporating a possible answer to the question with an arguable claim.A key part of your application is your research proposal.Whether you are applying for a self-funded or studentship you should follow the guidance below.View the guidance on how to write your Ph D by published work research proposal.You are encouraged to contact us to discuss the availability of supervision in your area of research before you make a formal application, by visiting our areas of research.


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