Results Of World War I Essay

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It became difficult to avoid the eyes of the world or to act independently – the Information Technology revolution had begun.The second consequence was that the events of World War II led directly to the Cold War developing over the next five years.Because of this the entire world was altered and consequences were felt in all countries across the world.

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During World War II the leaders of Liberal Democracy, the US, joined forces with the Communist Soviet Union, to break down the Fascist Regime.

When this was completed in line with the end of World War II, it left these two differentiated societies virtually competing against each other for world power.

Finally, the most horrific and probably the most consistently remembered consequence of World War II was the monolithic death toll.

Although statistics vary, it is thought that approximately fifty six million people, including both military personnel and civilians, were killed during World War II (website, 1999).

There were many causes for the beginning of World War II but one of the most important was the effect that the Treaty of Versailles had on Germany after World War I.

Results Of World War I Essay

When world leaders Wilson, Clemenceau and George gathered to discuss the treaty they had a combination of wants; Wilson wanted to find a way to bring peace to Europe whilst Clemenceau wanted revenge on Germany and George wanted a compromise of both (Eyewitness to History, 2010).

With these thoughts in mind The Versailles Treaty was developed.

Ultimately the treaty held Germany responsible for the majority of World War I.

The War Guilt Clause stated that Germany should accept blame for starting the war.

Along with this huge repatriation sums were charged, in excess of GBP6.6 million for damages caused during the war.


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