Review Of Literature On Financial Performance Analysis

Review Of Literature On Financial Performance Analysis-8
Aho (1980) includes also cash-flow based profitability ratios in a factorization study for 24 financial ratios of 57 Finnish firms in 1967-1976.His financial characteristic factors become financial structure, profitability, liquidity, working capital turnover and financial opportunities for investments.

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Practitioners use financial ratios, for instance, to forecast the future success of companies, while the researchers' main interest has been to develop models exploiting these ratios.

Barnes (1982) shows how the non-normality of financial ratios can result from the underlying relationships of the constituents of the financial ratios.

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In 2012 bank achieved a net profit of RMB 145,131 million.

Agricultural Bank of China has 23,472 domestic branches which includes Head office.The bank has total assets of RMB 13,244,342 million, deposit of RMB 10,862,935 million and loans of RMB 6,433,399 million at the end of 2012.Bank capital and non-performing loan ratio are 12.61% and 1.33% respectively.Due to good business portfolio and advanced information technology, bank provides various types of banking.Agricultural Bank of China provides investment banking, fund banking management, financial leasing and life insurance services.Later in 1970s Agricultural Bank of China specialized and wholly state-owned as a commercial Bank and subsequently controlled by Commercial Bank.In January 2009 the bank was restructured into a joint stock limited company, later bank was listed at the Stock Exchange of Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July 2010.Financial ratio plays an important role to check the condition of any bank or company either is in profit or loss.The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) established in 1951.Financial ratios are widely used for the purposes to calculate the profitability and financial condition of a bank or firm.The firm involves many interested parties, like the owners, management, personnel, customers, suppliers, competitors and academics, each having their views in applying financial statement analysis in their evaluations.


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