Rhetorical Analysis Essay In Cold Blood

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( 10 8) This clearly shows that Perry has emotional problems and isn’t mentally stable sin ce he is crying and wetting his bed on a regular basis.

Another rhetorical strategy Capote uses when telling this story is symbolism.

This is evident throughout the entire story and through it’s use Capote is able to gi ve events in his story a deeper meaning.

It symbolizes Dick and Perrys unrealistic hopes to achieve elegant life there when in reality theyre going to a place where opportunity is far more scarce than of that in the U. Once again this s hows how enseless their plans are and that they do not think before acting and instead display antisocial traits of impulsiveness.

In addition another symbol which Capote br ings to light is Dick’s and Perry Smith’s tattoos.

Capote says, “The local accent is barbed with a prairie twang, a ranch h and asalness, and the men, many of them, wear narrow frontier trousers, Stetso ns, and highheeled boots with pointed toes.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay In Cold Blood

” (pg 3) By using description in such great a detail, Capote is able to create a world for the reader which is very easy to assimilate into because Of the ease which one is able to picture the place being described.

Also in addition to using imagery when crafting his story, Capote also decided to write in the third person as a rhetorical strategy.

Even though he directly rese arched the topic and could’ve wrote about the story from a first or second person perspe ctive, Capote ended up writing the story from a third person point of view in order t o open up the ability to write the story as if he was narrating it.

Also another example of Perry Smith’s trouble d past is hen Perry flashes back to how he used to be beat by the nuns who took car e of him while he was a child.

This flashback is important because it makes the reader pity Perry thus in turn making the reader more personally connected to Perry and hopin g that he somehow grows as a person and prevails during the story.


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