Richard Rodriguez Christmas Essay

I would give it to my grandma because she is lonely, because my grandpa died. I'll give my gift to Tabitha is because she is going to Montana pretty soon!!!!!

The gift would be a house, because they would need better shelter. -- Mickey Thiry It would be spreading Christmas cheer. She going to be with Phil and Ann my uncle and my aunt.

I think I would give him a hug back so he feels happy too. -- Andrea Gocker I would give my cousin Ben a fishing pole for Christmas. Blake has gone through so much since he got a tumor and had to have surgery.

-- Kendra Leon Because of enrollment my mom lost her job as a teacher at my school.

Every year, individual children, as well as students in Catholic school classes and religious education programs around the diocese, send in essays.

Their perspectives add to our celebration of the Incarnation. -- Allison Rakers I would give food and water to the poor. He needs a lot of money, because he barely has any money. -- Jason Richard Timm I would give medicine to the sickest person of the poor, because they might be really sick. -- Stephanie Anne Staed I would give a poor child in Africa some money because it makes me sad to think children in Africa don't have homes and don't get presents for Christmas. I would give this to my grandma Stella, because she is so nice to me and my sisters, Mickey & Jenna D. -- Becca Thiry Zack would get the gift, because he is my best friend. When it snows I don't want their head and neck to get cold. -- Jonny Fry If I hade to choose one gift, what would it be? It is because I and my family love and care for him so much. -- Marion Hermitanio This Christmas I would give hat and mittens to poor people. They could be warm and not catch a cold in the winter. -- Sarah Ann Zehms I have a friend that lives in Brazil, he is poor and he needs a lot of things, like household supplies. I would give the rainbow to someone to make there lives more colorful and bright. -- Tanner Van De Hey I would give love to my grandma, because she has been through so many surgeries: (hip and knee in the same year!! The reason I am giving this gift to him is so that he can enjoy what he does for the rest of his life. I would give it to my friend Ryan, because he gets hot very easy. -- Andrew De Groot My gift would be for my grandma, because she lives alone. In gym, I can hear him breathing heavily, and I can almost hear his heart beat. -- Carmen Yost I would get a pearl necklace for my friend Cheyanne, because she is my friend and she is very nice to everyone. I would like to have a party and give grandma lots of hugs and kisses. Then there would be more love and peace around the world! I would give her a certificate for an all day spa treatment and a special meal with her family. Plus it is our dream car and that is what I would give. He wants a new boat so that it rides smoother because he rides on Lake Winnebago and there are big waves. That's my gift, and I'll try to give that gift to Jesus. -- Sarah Sedlacek I would give my great grandma her memory. I want my Grandma to have a safe trip home from Los Vagas, since she will be home on Christmas Night. -- Elizabeth Bekkers, grade 2 It would probley be a present that was little and could be carried around. I would give him a deluxe pack of chocolate cookies and a gallon of milk so he wouldn't be hungry on Christmas night. -- Joseph Hable, Oshkosh, age 6, Sacred Heart Parish. I think new lungs would be a good Christmas present. I would give this to her because she's special in my heart. -- Matt Lamers I would give the Camp Randall Stadium to Mr. The reason is he loves the Wisconsin Badgers so much! He also decorated his classroom with a lot of Badger stuff. I would do that because sometimes she gets left out and wants to play with me. -- Karalyn Christel I would give David a train for a Christmas gift, because he has a train collection. He came to one of our family parties and we played soccer. -- Allyson Gill I would give Ashley a football for Christmas, because she likes sports. -- Jenna Ebert I would get a little red dress for my baby cousin Cloey, because she was only born 3 months ago. -- Lydia White If I could only give one gift this Christmas, I wuld give a homemade necklace to my grandma. And it would be something that everyone could share. -- Tyler Kowalczyk I would give my gift to my mom, the gift of a sweet child. -- Lindsy Gonnering I would clean up supper every night for two months straight for my family, so they can rest and talk and so they can have privacy. I would give Meghan a Bratz doll because she likes them, and she has always wanted one for Christmas. He has always given me good Christmas presents and I still have all of them. I would do that by including her when I'm playing with someone. It would be like a watch that even boy's could wear or something. No matter if it was the cheapest thing in the world she would still like it. I would give her this because she does a lot of stuff for me, like take me to sports. My parents have been through a lot with my little brother since he had a brain tumor. -- Sam Weiland If I could give a gift to someone it would be my grandma. I would give it to Meghan because she is kind, and she liked a lot of the same things as me, and we went to the same school until first grade. I would give the gift of time by ringing bells for the Salvation Army. I would give Jared a ticket to Wrestle Mania because then for Christmas he could see all the wrestlers. I would give her a box of cookies, because it symbolizes our friendship. -- Mc Kayla Geiser I would pick my dad for one Christmas gift. I would give him two 50 yard line tickets to go with me so we can finally spend time together at a Packer game. -- Joe Huss If I could only give one gift for Christmas, I would give to my family everlasting love. It probly wouldn't be a watch but, something like that. -- Cayla Marie Cisler, grade 5 The person I would give the wonderful gift to would be God. The gift would be a new cell phone because the one she has doesn't work too well. -- Alex Tilot I would give a gift to a little boy who has no parent, so he could have a good Christmas. I would give him some clothes to wear so he would stay warm. -- Tricia Glinski I would give it to a boy or girl who would appreciate it.


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