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Rodriguez explains how he seemed to be teaching his parents new things even at second grade.He used to find pleasure that he was able to come home and correct their grammar; he would begin his claim against his parents with “My teacher told us…” (Rodriguez, 519).

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Language Is An Expression Of One'S Identity Essay - Richard Rodriguez Education Essay

Somehow, the idea that by getting an education and succeeding in that field would acquire him the necessary skills to pull himself out of two walls of academic and family responsibilities.Rodriguez shows in this quote that he wants knowledge to steer him towards his future, his success, his achievement in desire.There was a statement within Rodriguez’s essay that immediately reminded me of Freire, Rodriguez states “He has used education to remake himself [Rodriguez]” (Rodriguez, 528).With the realization that he was not the only one that was struggling with acquiring academic success and dealing with the consequent price, he was able to grasp the meaning of what it meant to shift from opposing environments, classroom and home.A problem that Rodriguez acknowledged to being the reason why he is the type of student he was.Rodriguez shows how much he was truly in love with the idea of knowledge and of obtaining information.He asks himself in his essay, "What do I see in my books?Throughout the essay Rodriguez shows the many instances that his mother has approached him and asked him “What do you see in your books?”, and one day she asks to read one of his books, which opens Rodriguez’s mind to the possibility that his parents may want to take interest in his passion for reading.Rodriguez expresses how much he fits the role of this “scholarship boy” by his lack of communication with family members.He spoke more to his classmates and teachers that he did at home.


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