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Nevertheless potential PMs must have an adaptive and extensive skill set to be effective and to manage obstacles that arise during the course of a project.

It is also important to note that the presented study was conducted more than 20 years ago.

Granted team members could be uncommitted from the start, a successful project manager will have the Team Building skills to motivate team members.

4- How does Table I compare to the discussion in the chapter?

If we take into account the evolution in information technology and globalization the skills required for successful project management may be slightly different today.

As I stated in my answer to question 5, the chapter and the results of the PM skill survey really undermine the importance of Leadership and Team Building Skills as they relate to project success.Problems 1, 2, & 3 are most likely caused by the lack of project planning and clarity by upper management prior to project start up which immediately causes issues.All three of these issues could have been resolved by better top down communication and commitment to the project.In contrast, project management can be defined as the process of controlling the achievement of the project objectives.Utilising the existing organisational structures and resources, it seeks to manage the project by applying a collection of tools and techniques, without adversely disturbing the routine operation of the company (See, for example, Kerzner3).2-In Table 3, match the rankings between skills and problems. 1-Communication-Resources inadequate 2-Organizational-Meeting (“unrealistic”) deadlines 3-Team Building- Unclear goals/Direction 4-Leadership- Team members uncommitted 5-Coping-Insufficient Planning 6-Technological- Breakdown in communications Selecting a good project manager is complex and there are various opinions at to weather a specific set of skills are the determining factor or if a person’s ability to deal with likely project problems makes them a good roject manager.I think part of the reason that the problems in Table 1 and skills in Table 3 do not exactly match is because the top three project problems are so integrated and most likely caused by the same issue that it throws off the matching.So the chapter talked more about the communication, coping, and organizational skills needed by a successful project manager as compared to common problems faced by a project manager: Insufficient planning, breakdown of communications, and changes in goals and resources.– How does Table 2 compare to the discussion in the chapter?Problems 4 & 8 are discussed in the chapter under Acquiring and Motivating Personnel.I would have to say that the remaining problems in Table I were not so much discussed as problems faced during a project but as required skills necessary by a project manager.


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