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If you were invited to a dinner party in Ancient Rome, you would be shown to a room lined with couches, not tables and chairs.

They used to prop themselves on their left arm and use their right to bring their food to their mouth. Though usually their graffiti was scratched into stone and not painted on with colour.

TRAVEL TIP: Go see the temple of the Vestal Virgins in the Forum.

It stands out for the many statues lining its rectangle lawn.

The ancient city of Rome was the center of one of the largest and most powerful empires the world has ever seen. As the Roman Empire took over more land and peoples, its influence spread throughout western Europe and into all the lands around the Mediterranean Sea.

The achievements of the Romans influenced the languages, literature, laws, methods of government, roads, and buildings of all…In Ancient Rome, vestal virgins were like priestesses.They ensured that Rome’s sacred flame did not go out (if it did, that was very bad for the city) and presided over many of Rome’s religious rites.Scutum- shield On the left side of the soldier's body was his shield (scutum) used for protection.It was a semi-circular shield, designed so that any missiles thrown at the soldier would be deflected to one side.Even the emperors became gods, and the Romans also imported gods from other countries. Though it doesn’t look like much, the temples of some of the most important gods were here.Big boats topped with warriors fought it out in the water and were complete down to the live props, like alligators.The Roman Empire built its capacity early on by seeking to control the Mediterranean.Control of the sea earned Rome an increasing military and economic advantage.Rome’s naval power helped its growth by effectively fending off its enemies and providing the necessary security to ensure the economy thrived.Commercial goods were easily accessible, and trade was bolstered by the naval control.


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