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It seems that our great achievements mostly had to do with a nasty change in the weather. The weather change was enough to knock us out of our trees, but it wasn’t enough to kill us when we landed.Yet this change was not too powerful, or too subtle. (pg 36) The net effect of this evolution is that we did not become stronger; we became smarter.Learning results in physical changes in the brain, and these changes are unique to each individual. Students of the [sic] have brains sufficiently wired to read by the age at which we expect them to read.

Process S determines the duration and intensity of sleep and Process C determines the tendency and timing of the need to go to sleep. The skills needed to excel in school Under chronic stress, adrenaline creates scars in your blood vessels that can cause a heart attack or stroke, and cortisol damages the cells of the hippocampus, crippling your ability to learn and remember.

Most of the events that predict whether something that has been learned will be remembered occur in the first few seconds of learning.

The more elaborately we encode a memory during its initial moments, the stronger it will be.

We fell out of the trees, we stood up, we walked and we learned to cooperate.

Theory of Mind = the ability to peer inside someone’s mental life and make predictions on how they will respond and react.


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