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National Association in Boston; badge presented Miss Anthony by Philadelphia Citizens' Suffrage Association; comments of Traveller and Globe; sweep of New England; tribute of Zerelda G. Eddy's handsome legacy; Fourteenth Washington Convention; amusing suffrage debate in Senate; meeting in Philadelphia; tributes from Elmira Free Press and Washington Republic; favorable Senate and House Committee reports; campaign in Nebraska; addresses Lincoln Club, Rochester; decides to go abroad; Philadelphia Times account of Birthday reception; Mrs. On shipboard; in Liverpool and London; in Milan and Rome; in Naples; in Zurich, Berlin, Cologne, Heidelberg; in Paris; back to London; Mrs. Reed's report; letter from Senator Palmer; Miss Anthony on Suffrage Bill in Parliament; attitude of Presidential candidates; opposes resolution denouncing dogmas and creeds; attack of Rev. Stanton's seventieth birthday; letter from Harriet Stanton Blatch. U.; at Chautauqua; describes meeting at Lily Dale; happiness in keeping house; speaks at N. Anthony reports amount of work done; opening rally in Rochester; women of wealth and fashion in New York and Brooklyn take part; N. World describes the movement; "Remonstrants" organize; Miss Anthony's opinion of them; 600,000 signatures secured; Joseph H. Anna Shaw, showing uselessness of campaign without Political endorsement; Miss Anthony's rousing letters to Woman's State Committee, Republican leaders and Mrs. Breidenthal hopeful; Amendment Defeated; possession of Limited Suffrage a hindrance to securing Full Suffrage. Leland Stanford; Twenty-eighth Annual Convention; Utah admitted with Woman Suffrage; women of South Australia enfranchised; resolution against Woman's Bible; speech on Religious Liberty; grief over action of convention; view of the Bible; Suffrage will emancipate from Superstition; Nelly Bly's racy interview; loud call from California; can not refuse but goes to the Golden State. Besant and Theosophy; letter to Supreme Court of Idaho; on commemorating deeds of Revolutionary Mothers; Sentiment no guarantee for Justice; Subjection of Woman the cause of public Immorality; opposed to asking Partial Suffrage for women; opinion on Poetry; God not responsible for human ills; Sunday observance; objects to asking for Educated and Property Suffrage; voters not influenced by Religious arguments; refuses to join Miss Willard in attack on "yellow journalism" and prize fighting; wide scope of invitations, etc.; amusing letter of inquiry; never received salary from National Association; visit to Thousand Islands; centennial of Rev. May; at Nashville Exposition; criticises Women for going into Partisan Politics and defends "rings;" Woman Suffrage movement of the Present contrasted with that of the Past. As usual most of the women opposed this plan and as usual Miss Anthony carried the day. Spencer, national secretary, will serve as specimens of hundreds which she wrote with her own hand, before every similar occasion: I want the rousingest rallying cry ever put on paper—first, to call women by the thousand to Chicago; and second, to get every one who can not go there to send a postal card to the mass convention, saying she wants the Republicans to put a Sixteenth Amendment pledge in their platform.Wallace; no welcome for Miss Anthony in Albany; letter on death of Garfield; attends National W. Sewall's description in Indianapolis Times of farewell honors; fine tributes from Chicago Tribune and Kansas City Journal; N. the State of Kansas; Municipal Suffrage Bill passed by Legislature; speaking throughout Wisconsin; advice as to Church for holding convention; History of Woman Suffrage and valuable work accomplished by it; opinions of Mary L. Cooper and others; Nineteenth Annual Convention; Senator Blair's bill for Woman Suffrage; Senators Brown and Vest in opposition; Senators Dolph and Blair in favor; remonstrance from Boston; the Vote; women incensed at Ingalls; letter to Frances Willard on Prohibition Party; letter to Olympia Brown against bringing suit under school suffrage law; scores Senator Ingalls in Kansas; canvass of Indiana. Twenty-first Washington Convention; address before Unity Club, Cincinnati; death of niece Susie B.; letters on Death; newspaper comment on Dress; at Seidl Club on Coney Island and "Broadbrim's" account; a round of lectures and conventions; letter of Harriet Hosmer; canvass of South Dakota; Miss Anthony outlines plan of campaign; nephew D. describes speech at Ann Arbor; "Andrew Jackson-like responsibility"; work for South Dakota; description in Washington Star. Debate in Congress on admission of Wyoming; first majority report from House Committee in favor of Sixteenth Amendment; Wimodaughsis; in Boston; letter of sympathy from Lucy Stone; first triennial meeting of National Woman's Council; Miss Anthony's joy; Twenty-third Washington Convention; breakfast at Sorosis; letter from ex-Secretary Hugh Mc Culloch; leaving Riggs House; letter describing visits in New England; goes to housekeeping; kindness of press and people; letter from Adirondacks and John Brown's home; stirs up Rochester W. Choate, President of Constitutional Convention, uses his influence against Woman Suffrage Amendment; Miss Anthony and many other women address delegates; representatives of the "Antis" speak in opposition; Edward Lauterbach and other members support Amendment; Elihu Root, Wm. Goodelle and others oppose; Amendment Defeated; tribute by State president, Mrs. Johns; great speech at Kansas City; action taken by Republican Woman's Convention; Suffrage plank refused by Republican State Convention; fight for it in Populist Convention; wild scene when secured; "not a test of party fealty;" Prohibitionists adopt plank; Miss Anthony and Miss Shaw censured by Republicans; Miss Anthony states their reasons and takes a cheerful view; friendly words from Wm. Not cast down by Kansas defeat, Miss Anthony speaks at Nebraska Convention; goes to New York State Convention at Ithaca; visits Cornell University and speaks to girls of Sage College; addresses National W. Effort to secure Woman Suffrage Bill from California Legislature; State committees formed; county conventions; Mrs. Daily habits of life; dress; harmonious relations of the two sisters; description of Anthony home; outline of Miss Anthony's vast private correspondence; her patience and conscientiousness; objects to which close of life is being given; invited to Berkshire; Suffrage Committee meeting in the "Old Hive" at Adams; guest of Berkshire Historical Society; addresses of Mrs. Don't you see that if we could have a mass meeting of 2,000 or 3,000 earnest women, June 2, and then receive 10,000 postals from women all over the country, what a tremendous influence we could bring to bear on the Republican convention, June 3?

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In the 1872 presidential election, Susan decided to register and cast a ballot to protest for women's rights.

She was arrested, convicted, and refused to pay the one hundred dollar fine.

And, if things don’t turn out that way, we usually define that attempt as a failure. All you have to write is 1,667 words a day and, at the end of one month, you will have a novel approximately the length of The Great Gatsby. My story, which I had loved, became a symbol to me of the fact that I would probably never achieve my dream of writing professionally. About six weeks ago, however, u saw an ad in the newspaper for a summer course at a college nearby.

This didn’t seem like an excessive amount of writing to me--I probably write than many words in e-mails to my friends every night, anyway. The course, which is called “Discovering Your Inner Writer,” is being taught by members of the col-lege’s creative writing faculty, and is open to all To apply, you had to submit five pages of original writing.

Are some failures simply unsuccessful attempts to accom-plish what we set out to do, or do all failures ultimately provide some benefit, even if we can’t see it right away?

Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue.

Stanton's election as president; Union completed; International Council of Women; magnitude of preparations; Miss Anthony's idea of a sermon; letter of Douglass on First Woman's Rights Convention; letter of Maria Mitchell; efforts to secure Mrs. Appeals from South Dakota; Miss Anthony lays down the law regarding National funds; pledges of Farmers' Alliance leaders; contributions to campaign; goes to South Dakota; Farmers' Alliance and Knights of Labor form new party and repudiate pledges for Woman Suffrage; insults at Democratic Convention; Republican Convention has room for Indian men but none for white women; Miss Anthony's cheerful letters; hardships of campaign; Mrs. Anna Shaw's account of crying babies and drunken man; Mrs. Besides this, I want to make the best possible use of all our speakers between June 3 and 21, when we shall have a mass meeting in Cincinnati, the day before the Democratic convention.

Stanton's presence; comment of Baltimore Sun and N. World; Frances Willard's speech and letter to Union Signal; National and International Councils formed; at Central Music Hall, Chicago; letter urging women to go to National Political conventions; open letter to General Harrison; Republican "free ballot" plank does not include Women; dislike of "red tape;" speech at Columbus W. Chapman Catt's summing-up of situation; statistics of Defeat; Miss Anthony endorsed by State W. My proposition is that I, as vice-president-at-large, call conventions of two days each at a number of cities.

Even though the 15th amendment allowed newly freed slaves to vote, women of any race still could not vote.

For ten years, Susan and Elizabeth wrote their newspaper, the Revolution, focusing on the injustices suffered by women.


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