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It can often be tempting to push ourselves and the people we love past their limits in the hopes of achieving a goal, just like what happened with Doodle and the narrator.Sometimes this produces great results; after all, Doodle did learn to walk after working extremely hard.

The Narrator's persistence eventually brought a tragic end to Doodle 's life.

The Narrator's pride hurt his judgment, and he could not see that he was pushing his brother too hard. In this case the Narrator's pride ruined his ability to reason when it came to Doodle.

The Narrator's primary motive was to make himself seem normal, not to make his brother feel better about himself.

The Narrator's pride resulted in him pushing Doodle to hard.

Although Doodle may have been happier learning to walk run and play, it was approached the wrong way by the Narrator, thus cutting Doodles life short.

In The Scarlet Ibis, the author, James Hurst tells his story about his younger brother which is physically handicapped.Natural beauty plays a huge role in this story, from the vivid descriptions of the house and its surroundings, the swamp, the storm, the creek, and so much more, right to the beauty of the fallen scarlet ibis itself.Both boys appreciate the beauty around them, but Doodle does especially; the natural world serves as a kind of therapy for him, a means of healing himself and moving forward in the face of his disability.Because this story is framed as a retrospective, there is a lot of room for the narrator's guilt to come through.The narrator flashes back to this time in his life with a wistful, guilt-ridden tone; it is clear he blames himself for Doodle's death, even though Doodle was extremely unhealthy to begin with and other factors came into play as well.He could not see or comprehend all the effects of his tough work and persistent teachings had on his brother.This warped view created by his pride made it seem like he didn't care about his brother at different parts of the story.Though readers are not given further information about the narrator's current life, they are left with the question of whether or not he will ever be able to overcome his guilt, move on, and be happy.From the very first time the narrator takes Doodle to Old Woman Swamp, Doodle has an eye for all things beautiful.Throughout this story, the narrator allows his pride to cloud his compassion and blind him to Doodle's limitations.He is too proud to accept having a disabled brother, and this is why he takes every measure he can to teach Doodle to do able-bodied things.


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