School Dress Code Research Paper

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Girlhood expert Shauna Pomerantz of Brock University says that “dress coding” students for being distracting is a form of victim-blaming. Your body is causing negativity,” explains Pomerantz.At East Longmeadow High School, Massachusetts, six out of the nine dress code regulations targeted female students.The dress code had not been updated since the 1990s.On laundry day, however, some students show up without.Other student’s families can’t afford to keep up with their growing children, so their uniforms are ill-fitting.“This sends a disturbing message to all students: What a girl looks like is more important than what she learns and thinks.No girl should ever have to forfeit her education because her shirt is the wrong color or she has a hole in her jeans.” East Longmeadow principal Flanagan said she’s tried to target inequalities at her own school by creating a gender-neutral dress code, and by involving students in the dress code process.“Targeting styles of clothing that are mostly associated with a particular minority group is discriminatory.When styles such as ‘sagging pants’ are the issue, we are putting a burden predominantly on black males,” says Kutzer.“My white friends rarely get sent to the office, but my black friends do quite often,” says Reeser.Another student said she brought up this issue to a male administrator, who told her it was “because white girls don’t have as much to show.” The student says this comment made her feel uncomfortable, let along failing to address the inequality.


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