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This year of celebration is being referred to as “Wunderbar Together,” which means the United States and Germany are wonderful together.“Wunderbar Together” can also mean a variety of things depending on whose opinion you ask. Army for many years in Germany and participated in the Berlin Airlift. This summer I am traveling to Europe for the first time and if the U. and Germany were not friends, we would not be able to enjoy Munich and the German Alps as planned.

Grades 3-5: Do you see ties to Germany around you, for example in your town, school or elsewhere?

If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do to celebrate the German-American partnership?

My father is from Trier, Germany and came to America in 1999 and my mother is from New Jersey but lived in Germany for eight years. I like to watch the German Bundesliga games and every Sunday we all watch Löwenzahn and Terra X.

We also read German books and my favorite book is Der Sams.

Hundreds of entries from across the country were received and many weeks were spend evaluating all of them.

This year Germany is celebrating a year of German-American friendship knowing the United States and Germany are Wunderbar Together – stronger as friends and partners.

The verb -to be- and its forms are advised to be left out of your writing in order to allow you to make a more eloquent letter.

Also avoid a mechanical, machine-like voice of writing, or bureaucratic voice, or poetic voice!

To me, Wunderbar Together and the the German-American partnership means family, friends, and happiness.. My dad’s grandfather emigrated from Germany to the United States as a child. Wunderbar Together also means Germany and the United States are partners in trade and security, and both countries strongly value democracy. also exports other items to Germany, including aircrafts and engines.

I consider these three things to be the most important factors of the German-American partnership. In fact, out of all of the United States’ European trading partners, Germany is the largest. The trade between Germany and the United States earns each country billions of dollars.


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