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Our 4,600 undergraduate students have endless opportunities for career development and exploration. Seattle University is committed to qualitative decision making based on evaluations of students as a whole.

“Seattle University is a sleeping giant, and we need to awaken the sleeping giant.” These were the words that Scott Mc Clellen, the current vice president of communications at Seattle University, used to describe the school’s recent efforts at rebranding itself. And nothing could be greater,” are the words written on the back of the posters.

As part of this ongoing effort, the school has recently made a number of changes geared at making Seattle U a larger contender in the educational market. According to Dean of Admissions Melore Nielsen, the decision to include posters as part of the acceptance package was another way to show students Seattle U’s personal approach to choosing incoming students.

Essays or personal statements are required for admission and are carefully considered during application review.

College credit is awarded to those who have successfully earned minimum scores on Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate examinations.

Also required for all programs are official scores from either the ACT or the SAT.

The middle 50 percent of enrolling freshmen have secondary school averages of 3.4-3.9 (on a 4.0 scale).Applications and information can be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office.Secondary school students who have completed at least six semesters are encouraged to complete the application process no later than Jan.“We want to do that for every admitted student.” This involved going back through the 600 essays that admissions counselors had already read and choosing quotes from them.Despite the administrative difficulties that accompany such a decisions, admissions was able to send posters out to all the early-action students, and is currently in the process of finishing up posters for students who applied later, which will go out in March.“As an agency, that resonated with [160over90], so when they were presenting their findings and talking about things we could do, they said they certainly want to build on that,” Nielsen said.“So they kind of had this concept of ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we took it one step further and we took a quote out of their essay? When the agency first brought the idea forward, Nielsen said they had only a small number of students in mind: maybe those who had been accepted into the Honors program or received a particular scholarship.The change also means working on Seattle U’s physical presence on the Hill. Too many people drive or ride by the campus and do not even realize we are here,” Mc Clellen said.Students who are adventurous, forward-thinking, creative and have an interest in social justice are drawn to Seattle University, located in the heart of a city with unparalleled access to innovation and culture.The quotes are heavily personalized and, though they may not make sense to the casual observer, obviously hold great sentimental value to the recipients.“I’m here to stand up for the little creatures and to share their world with our world,” says a photo from Instagram user “toomuchwanderlust,” posted with the comment: “Coolest college mail ever,” and followed up with another comment from a friend saying, “That’s so badass.” The poster initiative is just one small part of the school’s recent rebranding efforts.


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