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And while it is almost always regarded as altogether positive, it is important to remember that sense of place can contribute to negative, exclusionary, even xenophobic attitudes, and ambiguity nicely captured by John Milton in Book 1: The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.Sense of Place as a distinctive aspect of somewhere (equals genius loci) The phrase sense of place is often used to refer to the quality that makes somewhere distinctive.

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In this post I offer a general overview of the range of different ideas about sense of place.

Some of its important variations, such as a poisoned sense of place and a global sense of place, I intend to cover in more detail in future posts. Topics are: I intend to discuss some of these (e.g.

It refers to a human faculty that pulls together and arranges information from the senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and also calls on memory and imagination.

It is a living ecological relationship between a person and particular place, a feeling of comfort and security, similar to what environmental psychologists consider place attachment.

The most important were: My guess is that this ranking would not apply in other situations.

For instance in the Cascadia region of North-West North America, where I now live, mountains, ocean and forest feature so prominently that the environment is fundamental to many people’s sense of place.

As a critical approach to an appreciation of the distinctive personalities of different environments, the critical enhancement of sense of place is an aspect of education in Geography, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design.

Variations in Sense of Place over Time Sense of place is constant neither over the course of individual lifetimes nor over the course of history.

It is often used in two apparently contradictory ways.

One refers to a human faculty that grasps the distinctive subtleties of different bits of the world and helps us to find our way around; the other is about particular qualities of bits of the world.


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