Sexual Transmitted Essay

There are many sexually transmitted infections and diseases. For an example AIDS and HIV are sexually transmitted diseases. Many of these sexually transmitted infections and diseases are very dangerous.

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One quarter of new infections of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) are found in people under 22.

Young women are at greater risk than older women for reproductive and health complications caused by STDs.

Throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s, counter culture movements and medically prescribed contraceptives ushered in a decisive split with the preceding values that prescribed confinement of sexual pleasure within the suburban walls of heterosexual marriage (Zinner, 1985).

When the 1980s arrived, the sexual revolution came to a halt as the knowledge of an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases exploded and the sexual counter-revolution began (Mc Anulty & Burnette, 2001).

Most people agree that abstinence is the most effective way of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and that people should be made aware that certain activities—including sex at an early age and sex with multiple partners or prostitutes—greatly increase the risks of contracting STDs.

But many sex education authorities, such as Debra W.

Sexually transmitted diseases have become a health problem that affects every sexually active person today.

A sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infections are infections that can be spread by having sex during which bodily fluids are exchanged with another person who is infected (Mc Ilhaney, 1990).

A person infected with a sexually transmitted disease may suffer from serious complications such as infertility, chronic pain, and possibly death (Engender Health, 2003). Understanding the how sexually transmitted diseases are spread, what their symptoms are, and how they can be treated is the first step toward prevention.

There are two types of sexually transmitted infections, curable and incurable.


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