Short Case Study Of Depression

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After 48 hours, the patient said he felt better in his mood, and nursing staff noted that he appeared brighter and was more spontaneous in his speech and expressions.After 72 hours, he was talking positively about his future plans, interacting with staff, and initiating conversation.Patients were able to eat, drink, watch television, or read.

Ketamine was commenced at 20 mg/h (0.2 mg/kg/h) and titrated to 30 mg/h (0.3 mg/kg/h).

At this dose, the patient said he felt “a bit heady” but he did not hallucinate.

Her illness resulted in her being unable to continue her work.

Patient A had been treated with Citalopram, Mirtazapine, and Venlafaxine, but these were ineffective.

There was moderate but short-lived response to electroconvulsive therapy, so she was considered for the ketamine infusion trial.

Short Case Study Of Depression

The ketamine was commenced at 15 mg/h (0.15 mg/kg/h) and titrated to 27.5 mg/h (0.27 mg/kg/h).Before and following each treatment with ketamine, at patient clinic visits, the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the Hamilton Depression Rating Score (HAMD-17) were obtained.The first two patients are described in detail: Patient A is a 39-year-old, 101 kg woman with an 18-month history of depression.However, the patient and his mother felt that there was little change.It was about 10 days after the completion of the second infusion cycle that he reported that “the fog has lifted,” and his mood rapidly improved after that.Based on this result, it was thought that a low-dose (subanesthetic) infusion of ketamine was worth a trial in patients who were suffering from treatment-resistant depression without other physical or psychiatric illness.Approval for this trial was obtained from the hospital research and ethics committee.He was readmitted and a second course of ketamine at 30 mg/h (0.3 mg/kg/h) was given.Nursing staff reported improvement over the 5 days similar to that seen on the first admission.After 48 hours she began to show an interest in her pastimes and after 72 hours began cooking meals and snacks for patients and staff.She was discharged after 5 days and continued to improve for several weeks.


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