Short Essay Cultural Diversity

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Namaste is the first word a person hears when step up into India. This feature also belongs to traditional cultural values. It means that more than one generation live in one house.

The greeting, Namaste, literally means “I bow to you.” 3. To live under the one roof is a unique experience for a person.

It is incredible thing to observe such immense variety in culture within one country. India belongs to the most religiously diverse countries in the world. Four religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism were born in India.

Indian cuisine, religion, and philosophy has a huge impact on the whole world. This huge country along with cultural diversity possesses geographical characteristics. Scarcely any country in the world may compete in its cultural mixture with India. In this country a person may found people of different faiths.

Although this is short essay on Indian culture, a person may find something new and interesting for him. Religion in India is a significant part of its culture.

One may be confused how people of different faiths may live in peace and harmony. Religious tolerance in India was established by custom and law.

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