Should Animal Be Kept In Zoo Essay

When an animal is stressed they often can’t breed or reproduce, causing the animal to soon become rare.In cages chickens and bids don’t have he space to stretch their wings and fly, they can become stressed and damage their wings.You have to discuss both sides of the argument and with this zoo essay question it would be very easy to read it and then simply write about the benefits and drawbacks of zoos.

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They cannot get the protein they would get hunting and being able to explore the wild.

Circus owner Malcolm Flinch quotes that “when I used to have animals they couldn’t get to sleep at night, I knew that was NOT right, so I brought in acrobats and now my circus is famous for trapeze acts. ” Finally, its highly necessary that animals are not kept in cages because the quality of the produce will not be as good or tasty as free range animals.

Zoo Essay Model Answer Zoos remain popular places for people to visit for entertainment and to learn about wild animals.

Although some people are of the opinion that zoos can provide a sanctuary for endangered animals and so should be kept open, I believe that the cruelty that animals suffer outweighs this benefit, and that they should be shut down.

Also if the cage is near or in a house it will become a dirty place for humans.

When animals such as chickens and pigs are packed into a cage they can get sicknesses from each other and can hardly move to get the nutrients they need to be healthy.

These days, animals are under threat from humans in many ways, seen for example in the way that their habitats are being destroyed through the cutting down of rain forests, or through poaching.

Following on from this, the argument is that zoos can protect some of these animals that are under threat.

If it’s in a cage it usually has been parted from its family.

Animals who are kept in cages will never know what its like to be free, hunt and live in is natural habitat.


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