Should I Always Include A Cover Letter With My Resume

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You may want to back up a step and talk about the big picture of your work and the field.

You may want to back up a step and talk about the big picture of your work and the field.

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Instead of lumping all of your experience together into one section (often called “Work Experience,” “Relevant Experience” or just “Experience”), split it up into themed sections.

For instance, you may start with “Research Experience” and follow that with “Leadership and Administrative Experience.” Or you can go more specific: “Data Science Experience,” “Digital Humanities Experience” or “Optics Experience.” Pick descriptors that match the major expectations of the position.

You build your argument through a review of the literature and a logical progression of your contributions to lead to a big aha! I’m encouraging you to spoil that surprise in a document like a research statement, because there’s no guarantee the reader will be patient enough to wait for the big reveal.

Interviews Although most of this article concerns application documents, a chronology can also appear in your responses to interview questions.

CVs and Résumés Let’s use a CV or résumé as an example.

You may already be asking yourself if this advice fits a CV/résumé since their format demands that you organize your content by time.Don’t miss the opportunity, however, to write an introductory paragraph.Instead of launching immediately into the background of your research, consider how to set the stage for the reader to get through two to three pages of highly technical, information-dense text.On a first pass or screen, they may try to skim quickly to find the top 10 percent of applicants whose documents will receive a second, more thorough, review.Or they may rely on recommendations from their peers to find the top talent.Dividing up your experiences this way can lighten the burden of a chronology even on a CV/résumé.Cover Letters At times, the cover letters I read are a summary of the résumé or CV, and the applicant’s story is told in chronological order.Would a reader be more impressed by your summer undergraduate research experience or by the research going into your dissertation? Reflecting on your own reading, how often do you read a complete document, beginning to end, without stopping somewhere in the middle? Or do you read enough to get the gist and then move on?Hiring committees, managers and HR representatives rarely have the time or attention span to read every word of every application submitted.Walking the reader through your early years of grading exams does little to communicate your skills and abilities as a teaching professional. Research Statements A research statement is the one document that can be the exception when it comes to this general advice.Instead, you should begin your statement with a teaching philosophy. What are some example courses or lessons that best demonstrate your philosophy? Often your research developed from one project to another, which then led you to your plans for the next few years.


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