Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 18 Essay

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There was a keen response from the media and general public.

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It has also been suggested that the driving licensing system should adopt the graduated driving licensing system (Peden et al 112).

Minimum Drinking Age In the United States, the minimum drinking Age is 21, as opposed to most countries that have set their drinking age at 18, but there have been considerations by most states to lower the......

There were just over 94,000 injuries that year (Illinois car accident statistics, 2010) The above statistics is not good enough for state like Illinois when we consider the overall figure of American car accidents in 2010.

Even though many reasons were cited for increasing number of car accidents, the major reasons... It has been suggested in some quarters that the key to eliminating the menace revolves around involving the parents of teenagers, lowering the minimum drinking age, and enacting punitive laws that are zero tolerant amongst others.There has been, however, no change observed even after that, according to several investigations done in different parts of the USA and Great Britain.Some states allow driving from the age of 14 such as in South Dakota.Records show that more teens are involved in these catastrophes (BBC 2007).Although teens utilize their energy to meet the demands of their school and social activities, people in authority and other grown-ups have been concerned about the driving age, since every generation produces a more inflexible group of teenagers than before.New Jersey, Britain and almost the entire European Union was sticking to 17 and 18 respectively.These variations arise due to the diverse nature and setup of each locality.She thinks she is “in the middle of nowhere” without her license (BBC 2007).Teen driving or underage driving can be a threat to other passengers of the vehicle also.When you're 18, you're still not "adult enough" to drink, although you are old enough to smoke yourself to death.I also believe that the drinking age should be raised to......Running Head: MANAGING THE MULTI-GENERATIONAL WORKFORCE The Challenges of 21 Century Leaders with Multi-Age Workforce Abstract The existence of different employees and employers from different age groups has with time brought about different challenges as well as benefits to any given work place.


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