Sicko Review Essay

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But so also are Democratic candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards, both of whom predictably propose health care reforms that keep insurers in the medical profit loop.

As for the Republican candidates, well, they’re all insured, so what do they care about reform?

On a recent road trip I found myself on a brief stop in Eureka, Illinois, a small, tree-lined town of modest hills in the central part of the state.

Eureka is the home of Eureka College, the alma mater of former President Ronald Reagan.

But it should be obvious by now it will take more than a movie to get the insurance companies out of the health care system.

It will also take more than the Affordable Care Act to create a truly just health care system. Here is the review of Si CKO I wrote for Op Ed News (July 13, 2007) at the time of its release.

As for national health care in Canada, France, England, and Cuba, Moore seems justifiably more concerned with simply demonstrating the basic viability of national health care.

In this two-hour movie, Si CKO shows Americans that free, guaranteed health care paid for by the government is not only possible but basically works.

In doing so he brands for-profit health care as immoral, and calls for the elimination of insurance companies from the health care system.

It’s a tour de force exposition of the perversity of turning health care into a commodity.


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