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This team enables technology solutions that are used by the Fulfillment and Servicing Teams.The Fulfillment teams are responsible for on-boarding the customers to our products / applications.Work Load : handled by following setting, Workload Distribution Rule Maximum Workload Scoreexclusive check box should not be checked for more then one rule.sequence number with lowest evaluated first in group. Workflow Policy Program -Assignment Object (Tools)Assignment Scoring Mode : Independent (Assign position and org independently)Org and Person oriented (Assign only position/organization pair that both qualify))Organization oriented (Assign organization first then corresponding position.)Person Oriented (Assign position first then Organization)Default Candidate : If assignment manger can not assign rules have same body score we need to set default candidate.

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Participates in the design, development and implementation of complex applications, often using new technologies.

May provide technical direction and system architecture for individual initiatives.

Assignment manager automatically assign and get stored in repository table. All, Must Assign : At least one should be minimum criteria has not been fulfilled. One , Random : anyone qualified randomly selected.2. Compare to object : set criteria on incoming object should match.2. Compare object to Person : set common criteria in object and candidate4. Compare Object to Organization : set common criteria for both .

Assign Service Request to skilled agents Object : Service Requestcriteria : candidate skill Candidate : All Assignment manager can run in batch mode/Real time/interactive assignment also. Criteria inclusion method :include, Include all,include matching , exclude Include : only go to finding one match. Include All Matching :it is very near to include but it don't stop on one matching but continue with other matching last it count score and find out best suitable candidate. Assigner filter value: All, Above Min : to enforce customer does not select who are below to minimum score.

Serves as a fully seasoned/proficient technical resource.

Will not have direct reports but may lead projects and direct activities of a team related to special initiatives or operations.

Assignment manager is important when data is very large and short time response. Object : Account Candidates : sales rep - southcriteria : state: AC etc2.

Organization It assigns objects to candidate and candidates can be employee,position or organization. Criteria : Skills,experties, Availability,product,workload,sales territory Candiadtes : Employe Position Organization. 'Assign Account by sales region' following would be value for a specific example of assignment manager.

Job Description: Develops, enhances, debugs, supports, maintains and tests software applications that support business units or supporting functions.

These application program solutions may involve diverse development platforms, software, hardware, technologies and tools.


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