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” Not so long after the Java Jazz Festival, my mom received a large package with Cyprus post mark on it. On the day of the interview, I felt my palms sweating, my heart beating fast. She decided that we were qualified for the green cards. Whatever their source, those events have a common tie, a common solution; to keep hanging on whenever I encounter a difficult time.I had fearful fantasies that the interviewer would be a skinny, holy terror; a fierce woman who frightened us. One hour later, we walked out of the embassy with three immigrant visas. I have faith that life will be easier once I get the hang of it.

The admissions test was awfully long with questions that could make those neurons in one’s brain rigid. Nevertheless, about one week later, a postman delivered a thick, brown package with my name on it. It required hard work, patience, discipline, and persistence. There were times when I felt I could not bear the pressure. I managed to sleep for only two to four hours every day to get everything done.

That last semester, college applications and final assignments were due. Fortunately, without significant pain or illness, I got through it. I was offered a job with the promoter of a massive jazz festival in Southeast Asia, Java Festival Production.

She seemed to understand totally the confusion and anxiety that plagued all of us young children, for the first time in our little lives, packed into this room, to study and be studied, and to comply with orders. Graduating elementary school with a surprisingly outstanding grade, I was offered the chance to attend an acceleration class. She shouted gloriously on the phone and congratulated me.

As she spoke in front of the class, there was a warmth that shone from out her face. These classes are for students who have the ability to learn and absorb lessons faster, so they can finish middle school and high school in four years. Enrolling in an acceleration class means learning twice as fast and studying twice as hard. But this near the end, I pushed myself to the limit.

In the last body paragraph, discuss the objectives you plan to reach within a certain period of time. This type of academic essay does not need a thesis.

We recommend starting with a hook sentence (rhetorical question, literary quote, joke) to catch an eye of the reader. Make a list of things that make you special and try to pick the most remarkable feature or episode from life.

In reality, the interviewer was a woman with a pale oval face and square framed glasses. I felt so lucky to have an opportunity to live in the United States. Experience teaches perception; dawn comes after darkness; triumph can follow defeat.

Additionally, difficult times made me understand better how rich and varied life is, in every way.

From time to time I have experienced crises from transitions and life changing events.

Unpredictable moments arrived, sometimes sweetening my life with tiny little details; other times intruding on my simple life.


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