Snowflake Writing Paper

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Basically, a snowflake is the depiction of what your product will look like, once it’s complete, after you have added the finer details.

Remember, good writing is not something that just happens.

There is an estimated 1 in a million trillion chance of finding twin snowflakes.

Snowman Bulletin Board Download this snowman bulletin board and make your classroom transformation complete.

Ask them what they notice when they compare the snowflakes.

Hopefully, with maybe a little hinting, they’ll notice that no two snowflakes are exactly the same.

It also allows for a chance for kids to embrace that everybody is different in their talents, looks, and personalities. Christine Wooler has experience working with children as a youth soccer coach and summer camp counselor.

She is currently studying English Literature and journalism in college.

If you wish to apply the Snowflake Method that you go to Randy Ingermanson’s website to find more details.

Once you've written your book, you'll face the task of deciding on the best option for publishing.


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