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This online database contains the full-text of Ph D dissertations and Masters’ theses of Wilfrid Laurier University students from 1982 forward.

This online database contains the full-text of Ph D dissertations and Masters’ theses of Wilfrid Laurier University students from 1982 forward.

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Coeducational Environments for High School Girls, Kristen Hartman PDF Cultural Differences: Their Effect on Social Skill Development, Ashley Jay PDF Gender Specific Skills Promote Female Adolescent Well-Being, Jessica Jones PDF Father Absence and Self-Esteem Amongst Economically Disadvantaged Children, Casey Kevorkian PDF A Study of Abuse Recovery Programs: Perceptions of Mothers in Recovery, Michelle Larkan PDF Transitioning the Needs of Children with Chronic Illness: Exploring Communication Between Hospitals and School Settings, Christina Marchitto PDF Athletics and Violence Against Women: A Study of Relationship, Meeghan Mercurio PDF Sex Education: The Effectiveness of Comprehensive-Based Compared to the Effectiveness of Abstinence-Only, Caitlin Motherway PDF Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding: Practicing Social Workers and Undergraduate Social Work Students, Devin Smith PDF The Use of Prescription Drugs for Academic Performance Enhancement in College Aged Students, Sarah Sweeney PDF International Policies and the Social Work Response: The Example of NAFTA, Lindsay Adamski PDF The Internal and External Affects of a Governor's State Budget Cuts on the Department of Child Welfare, Tara Albury PDF New Ways of Addressing the Psychological Traumas of War: Supplementing Traditional Social Supports to Prevent Homelessness Among Mentally Ill Veterans, Lee Ann Byrne PDF A Study Investgating the Lingering Emotional and Psychological Distress of September 11, 2001 on College Age Students, Lauren De Luca PDF Providing for Rhode Islands Juvenile Delinquents: Community Based Services vs.

Incarceration, Shannon Fitzgerald PDF A Comparative Study of Self-Esteem: College-Aged Women vs.

, Melissa De Vito PDF Effectiveness of Anti-Bullying Policies in High Schools, Angela Ju PDF Facebook: The Newest Weight Loss Supplement?

, Jaclyn Longo PDF Discovering Resilience in Children who Witnessed their Caregivers with Cancer: A Retrospective Study, Cassandra Menz PDF Effects of a Witnessing History on the Female Ability to Negotiate Romantic Relationships: A Retrospective Analysis, Kimberly Rodrigues PDF Caught in Cultural Limbo?

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You can use the questions below to formulate an excellent research paper on an issue in social work practice that needs study.If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Gaylor PDF Perceptions of Determining Factors: A Case Study of Eviction Risks of People Who Hoard in Waterloo Region, Emily J. ": An Exploratory Study of Supports for Primary Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Toronto Region, Nicole H.Siron PDF MAPS OF MARGINALIZATION: EXPLORING THE HEALTHCARE EXPERIENCES OF MEN AND WOMEN WITH FIBROMYALGIA, Michelle J.You decide to form a group with clients from the shelter and clients from PSH.This assignment applies the problem-solving process to a “macro” system with a focus on designing and implementing an intervention in the service of environmental change for client systems. Develop scenarios and client’s experiences that you feel would take place. Abstract Write an abstract of 200 words (maximum) to introduce your paper following precise style guidelines required by APA.: A College Student’s Perspective on Growing Up with Immigrant Parents, Melissa Weiss PDF The “Double Loss” Effect: Exploring how people react to another person’s loss – the griever’s perspective, Laura Bienashski PDF Narrative Analysis of Students’ of Color Experiences at Predominantly White Institutions and the Implications of Support Systems, Stephanie Blake PDF Transition and Transformation of Service Agencies Following an Emergency Response, Mary Patrice Bogan PDF Childhood social factors and their impact on young adulthood obesity, Sarah Burke PDF The Pragmatics of Transracial Adoption: A Parents’ Perspective, Ashley Chuha PDF Understanding College Students Perceptions of Unhealthy Dating Relationships, Kristina Cofone PDF The Sensory Treatment Approach in Dealing with Trauma in Children: Does it Work?, Kathy Da Silva PDF Safe Voluntary Exit Plans for Gang Involved Youth in Rhode Island: A Qualitative Study, Patricia Foley PDF The Effects of Permanency on Youth in Foster Care: The Successes They Achieve After Exiting the System, Megan Foster PDF Personal History of Violence and Response to Violence: A Quantitative and Free-Response Study Focusing on College-Age Students, Margaret Haswell PDF Burnout Prevalence and Prevention in a State Child Welfare Agency, Molly Heverling PDF Green-Eyed Facebook Monster: Social Network Use and Relationship Disruption, Theresa Hurton PDF Bullying at the Middle School Level: A Descriptive Study, Sara Johnson PDF Building Stories of Resilience in the Face of Childhood Cancer: Exploring the experiences of childhood cancer survivors, Gabrielle Le Marier PDF Self-Awareness of Food Choice and Body Image: A Relational Study in the Undergraduate Female Population, Cassandra Lenza PDF Sex Education and Its Influences on College Sex Practices, Matthew Yetsko PDF A Comparative Study of Academic Achievement, Social Skills, Autonomy: College-Aged Males With or Without Their Biological Fathers, Peter Baron PDF An Assessment of Social Worker Attitudes Regarding the Domestic Sex Trafficking of Children in America, Becky Bergeron PDF Healthy and Affordable Food in Low-Income Neighborhoods: A Community Food Security Assessment of Smith Hill, Kelly Bevis PDF The Relationship Between Individualistic Attitudes and Attitudes Towards Traditional Marriage in Contemporary American Society, Mary Sarah Harper PDF The Advantages of Single-Sex vs.PDF 13 Reasons Why NOT: Examining Peer Networks and Barriers to Help Seeking, Katharine Comber PDF What Do You Bring to The Classroom?– A Look at Approaching Difficult Dialogues, Katherine Holleran PDF Giving Voice to the Voiceless, Victoria L.


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