Solar System Homework

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Questions include: What are the four inner planets? The homework for today focuses on an asteroid even though we won't talk about asteroids until next week ....

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The basic idea is that the Solar System was originally a cloud of mostly gas and dust, with small amounts of refractory materials.

Close to the Sun, the heat of the Sun vaporized dust particles and prevented the resulting gas from condensing; all that was left was the residual refractory materials.

It doesn't really belong here, but I include it so that you can see how it (and smaller asteroids) compare in size to the big boys.

Venus is NOT a good place to crash-land your spaceship. Well, the main problem is its very, very thick atmosphere.

The picture below shows it with (on left) and without (on right) its layers of clouds.

The coloring of the surface isn't accurate, by the way: it isn't really bright yellow.

That makes sense for several reasons, especially if one considers the overall composition of the planet.

However, I am going to take a different approach, and arrange the bodies by their "hospitality" to people in a wayward spacecraft.

Today/yesterday we reviewed the forces of gravity and inertia and how they work together to keep objects in orbit.

We then took notes on comets, asteroids, and meteors (this was our last new topic of the unit with Friday being our Unit 1 Test!


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