Solving Stoichiometric Mass To Mass Conversion Problems

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One molecule of iron three oxide combines with two molecule of aluminum to make this reaction happen. Let's say we're dealing with the version of iron, the isotope of iron, that has 30 neutrons. So aluminum, or aluminium as some of our friends across the pond might say. Aluminium has the atomic weight or the weighted average is 26.98. Or 6.02 times 10 to 23 aluminium atoms is going to be 27 grams. So we need 28.62 grams of aluminium, I won't write the whole thing there, in order to essentially use up our 85 grams of the iron three oxide.

So lets first figure out how many moles 85 grams are. So let me go down and figure out the atomic masses of iron and oxygen. But let's just say that the aluminium that we're dealing with has a mass of 27 atomic mass units. So if we need 1.06 moles, how many is that going to be? And if we had more than 28.62 grams of aluminium, then they'll be left over after this reaction happens.

If we have less than 28.63 grams of, I'll start saying aluminum, then the aluminum will be the limiting reagent, because then we wouldn't be able to use all the 85 grams of our iron molecule, or our iron three oxide molecule.

Anyway, I don't want to confuse you in the end with that limiting reagents.

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