Sophocles Oedipus Rex As A Classical Tragedy

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Sophocles won perhaps as many as 24 victories, compared to 13 for Aeschylus and four for Euripides, and indeed he may have never received lower than second place in the competitions he entered.Ancient authorities credit Sophocles with several major and minor dramatic innovations.

Sophocles won perhaps as many as 24 victories, compared to 13 for Aeschylus and four for Euripides, and indeed he may have never received lower than second place in the competitions he entered.Ancient authorities credit Sophocles with several major and minor dramatic innovations.

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Sophocles is also unsurpassed in his moments of high dramatic tension and in his revealing use of tragic irony.

The criticism has been made that Sophocles was a superb artist and nothing more; he grappled neither with religious problems as Aeschylus had nor with intellectual ones as Euripides had done.

The relatively meagre information about Sophocles’ civic life suggests that he was a popular favourite who participated actively in his community and exercised outstanding artistic talents.

In 442 he served as one of the treasurers responsible for receiving and managing tribute money from Athens’ subject-allies in the Delian League.

Sophocles’ language responds flexibly to the dramatic needs of the moment; it can be ponderously weighty or swift-moving, emotionally intense or easygoing, highly decorative or perfectly plain and simple.

His mastery of form and diction was highly respected by his contemporaries.Sophocles’ major innovation was his introduction of a third actor into the dramatic performance.It had previously been permissible for two actors to “double” (i.e., assume other roles during a play), but the addition of a third actor onstage enabled the dramatist both to increase the number of his characters and widen the variety of their interactions.In total, Sophocles wrote 123 dramas for the festivals.Since each author who was chosen to enter the competition usually presented four plays, this means he must have competed about 30 times.In one of his last plays, Sophocles won his first victory at the Dionysian dramatic festival in 468, however, defeating the great Aeschylus in the process.This began a career of unparalleled success and longevity.They imply steady and distinguished attachment to Athens, its government, religion, and social forms.Sophocles was wealthy from birth, highly educated, noted for his grace and charm, on easy terms with the leading families, a personal friend of prominent statesmen, and in many ways fortunate to have died before the final surrender of Athens to Sparta in 404.He is credited with diverging from the typical format of a tragedy: he increased the number of speaking actors, increased the number of chorus members, and used painted scenery., a satyr play, exists only as a 400-line fragment.Sophoclean dramas typically focus on a few characters and highlight their determined natures and strong qualities which, eventually, lead them to tragedy.


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