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Sports Psychology Assignment Angelu Villanueva 7766362 Chapter 5 4.

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E is for Examples Sometimes it’s useful to expand on your evidence.

If you’re talking about a case study, the example might be how your point relates to the particular scenario being discussed.

Check that your introduction matches the content of your assignment.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve been concise in your writing style.

You’ll probably want to proofread it several times.

You should read it through at least once for sense and structure, to see if your paragraphs flow. A refocusing plan: has the purpose of dealing with uncontrollable distractors that might be encountered. I deliberately put myself in a good mood at the start of practice d. Post competition evaluation strategy: has the purpose of reviewing and refining the plans. At least half of my practice was done with 100% effort and concentration e.Describe two physical differences between versus rulegoverned behaviour.First, contingency learned behaviour is typically strengthened gradually through trial and error, while the presentation of a rule frequently leads to immediate behaviour change.D is for Do You should conclude your paragraph with the implications of your discussion.This gives you the opportunity to add your commentary, which is very important in assignments which require you to use critical analysis.You’ll then need to read it again to check for grammatical errors, typos and that your references are correct.It’s best if you can create some distance from your assignment by coming back to it after a few days.W is for What You should begin your paragraph with the topic or point that you’re making, so that it’s clear to your lecturer.Everything in the paragraph should fit in with this opening sentence.


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