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Afterwards, Sue start to call Bob’ friend but they did not see him.

Afterwards, Sue start to call Bob’ friend but they did not see him.

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He's usually shown in a loose white t-shirt tucked into high waisted cuffed jeans with black converse shoes.

Towards the beginning of the movie, he is shown with a packet of cigarettes rolled into his right sleeve.

Christopher "Chris" Chambers is one of the four boys from protagonist group circle of friends in the short story The Body from Different Seasons, as well as the film Stand By Me, based on the story.

In Stand By Me, he is portrayed by River Phoenix in the film and instead of having lived in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine (which is the case in The Body), his hometown of Castle Rock was stated to be in Oregon instead of Maine.

At this moment, the rain start to fall and wind start to blow.

Sue start to call Bob but his cell phone was turned off.And the officer said to Sue: “you listen to my words, don’t worry although now we have not found any valuable clues. We just temporarily leave this time; this is a strategy to let the criminal think that we won’t solve the case.Then, they will appear themselves.” Sue is so sad but she believes that one day she will figure out what happened to Bob.Before Bob leave he said to Sue that he would come back for dinner.However, when the time is nine’ o clock in the night, Bob still did not come back.In the town, there was a young couple husband named Bob and his wife Sue.During the past few years, they worked very hard on transporting coal and building materials. They opened a transportation company and a department store in the town.Although the police worked hard in day and night, but they find no valuable clues for more than 20 days.Police department decided to put the case beside for a moment.On their way to find Ray Browers' body, Chris confided in Gordie about his anger and frustration with being treated like the rest of his family, even though he had never done anything to earn such a reputation personally.Ultimately, Chris and the others finally located the corpse and faced off against his brother and the hoodlum gang which also included Vern's older brother.


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