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This should be comprised of several paragraphs, each presenting and supporting one main idea from your thesis.

This should be comprised of several paragraphs, each presenting and supporting one main idea from your thesis.Here we have summarized the best and most popular methods for composing a great body for your graduate school application essay.

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Once you have mastered the use of topic sentences, you may decide that the topic sentence for a particular paragraph really should not be the first sentence of the paragraph.

This is fine—the topic sentence can actually go at the beginning, middle, or end of a paragraph; what's important is that it is there to inform readers what the main idea of the paragraph is and how it relates back to the broader thesis of your paper.2. This is the most common reason why a paragraph is too long.

In some instances, the bridge sentence can be written in the form of a question.

However, use this rhetorical device sparingly, otherwise, ending a lot of paragraphs with a question to lead into the next paragraph sounds cumbersome.

Some experienced writers may choose to step outside these guidelines, but this can be risky.

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If you choose to stick to these formulae, you are much more likely to have a strong, clear, and cohesive college application essay. Every topic sentence must support your thesis and must present a single clear idea for each paragraph.Before you can begin to determine what the composition of a particular paragraph will be, you must consider what is the most important idea that you are trying to convey to your reader. Texas A&M University; Paragraphs and Topic Sentences.This is the "controlling idea," or the thesis statement from which you compose the remainder of the paragraph. Writing Tutorial Services, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning. “Given and New: Paragraph Development Models from Scientific English.” Do not think of developing paragraphs in terms of their length.The whole process of paragraph development is an organic one—a natural progression from a seed idea to a full-blown research study where there are direct, familial relationships in the paper between all of your controlling ideas and the paragraphs which derive from them. The decision about what to put into your paragraphs begins with brainstorming about how you want to pursue the research problem. After you present a topic sentence, the remainder of the paragraph should elaborate on that topic.You must first provide evidence that supports your topic sentence, and then provide introspective statements about your evidence as it relates to the idea presented in your topic sentence.Sometimes they are also helpful within the body of a single paragraph. You can see this structure in paragraphs whether they are narrating, describing, comparing, contrasting, or analyzing information.Within a paragraph, transitions are often single words or short phrases that help to establish relationships between ideas and to create a logical progression of those ideas in a paragraph. Each part of the paragraph plays an important role in communicating the meaning you intend to covey to the reader.However, do not be too creative in experimenting with the narrative flow of paragraphs.To do so may distract from the main arguments of your research and weaken the quality of your academic writing.


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